Saturday, October 15, 2011

Le Shok - We Are Electrocution (2001)

I've got to get internet for my apartment. It is like everywhere I go conspires against me getting online. Upsetting to the point where I've dug up some noisy punk, which mostly reminds me that I don't really ever get that worked up. A good listen but wisely enough the tracks are compact and brief, really just bursts of sonic enthusiasm. I used to a bunch of listen this sort of music, The Chinese Stars, Arab on Radar, Made in Mexico, etc. While I haven't the same passion for all the jazz as I had, it is great to go back to them from time to time. The music really feels like very different than I recall, and that is neat to realize. Also, I haven't had time to download and listen to all the new submissions that never cease flowing my way, nor sit down and listen to the stuff I have found myself. Thus, something not-so-new but true, Le Shok.

To be had here:
Le Shok - We Are Electrocution [192 kbps]

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