Thursday, October 27, 2011

Holly Golighty - Painted On (1997)

As I've commonly done for this blog, I pulled this from the collection I gathered at the Port Huron public library as a teenager. Been thinking about posting Holly Golightly ever since I put up Thee Milkshakes a while back. For it was Billy Childish who added Golightly to his band Thee Heatcoatees which began her professional music career. Since this she's be seen as a prominent figure in garage rock both in America and her native Britain. This has sparked several collaborations which might be how many who've never heard her work proper are aware of her. Her solo work isn't what I'd call garage rock, more like blues-rock with rockabilly tendencies, at least this is the case with Painted On. This is her fourth solo album, and the first on the great Sympathy for the Record Industry label. Quite blusey and laid back enough that it could probably pass in a country-western bar. I regret not posting Holly Golightly sooner and more frequently, but I should like to this I'll be fixing that.

To be had here:
Holly Golighty - Painted On [160 bkps]

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