Saturday, October 22, 2011

EP Grab Bag vol. 8

When I posted up the first Grab Bag I hadn't a clue that it'd become such a regular feature on the blog. Should've know, for musicians love attention and EPs are easily shared and consumed. Anyhow, I've got a mess of stuff in my inbox so here is the old college try to get after it. Took me two days, hence the posing lull.

To be had here:

The Drunken Draculas - Surfin' Mummy (2011)

More vampiric/horror themed garage rock from San Diego. I posted their last EP, Start Sucking!, back in August. Four more witty, funny and lo-fi rock songs are to be heard on what is a excellent follow-up EP. I want to thank them for the physical copy of Start Sucking! they sent me.

Omalto - First EP (2011)

This befittingly named EP comes from drone musician from Nottingham. Just missed the bandwagon for the last drone-themed Grab Bag, pun very much intended. It's just as experimental and strange as the other drone on here. The track "Fim do Mundo Inn" gave me the chills, that sound is like a bee's buzz but totally not. Thumbs up for real.

Ordo Mundo - Jellied (2011)

These are lo-fi rockers from Arizona. Definitely rather garage-like, punk-influenced and overall pretty trippy. The third track "Heart-Thrush" is my favorite, lovely work. The tape version of the EP has a $3 price tag, but there's a link there for the digital version downloadable via mediafire for free.

Fuck Mountain - A New Mountain (2011)

I do think Fuck Mountain belongs to the same range of Spacerockmountain, or at least it sounds that way. This is a Dublin-based band that plays fuzzed-out punk. Loud, fast and somewhat outrageous, these guys are very catchy.

Moon - Guilt EP (2011)

This one I actually found on my own, I do believe they're associated with something else that has been posted here. Regardless, Moon is from Brooklyn and make lo-fi, chillwave-esque dream pop. The sound is very washed out and reminds me of the homemade mixtapes where everything is distorted into a lovely haze.

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