Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Rozwell Kid - The Rozwell Kid LP (2011)

Maybe the submissions have just gotten remarkably tailored to my tastes over that last year, but it is neat to have albums I'd have spent hours of the week hunting down before sent to me. Rozwell Kid is the latest low-fidelity rocker to send in his music for us all to enjoy freely. It is quite catchy album that reminds me of Weezer (a band that I was largely indifferent toward until lately I've come to developed a taste for). Perhaps I was caught in a good mood but even though this is a bit more pop music-like than my usual fare I really found this a finely done, lively album. Hard to go wrong with witty lryrics and loud guitars (though some metal bands have done just that). Been giving Rozwell Kid a good deal of play time at work lately and it is going over handsomely.
To be had here:
Rozwell Kid - The Rozwell Kid LP

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