Sunday, October 23, 2011

Future Museums - PALA (2011)

This was sent in to me by the fella from Liquid Skulls, for it is a friend of his. I have listened to it for the last couple of mornings when I am waking up. Not so easy trying to switch to green tea from coffee I might note. In the elongated drowsiness I did find some solace in the sweet ambient sounds on PALA. I don't suppose Future Museums are radically different from the experimental/drone I've been washed over with submissions of, but it is certainly far more chill. The tea's reduced caffeine and these dreamlike tracks have given me a much more relaxed beginning to my day. Naturally you don't have to just waking up to enjoy it though, the tracks don't change with the time of day.

To be had here:
Future Museums - PALA

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