Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mother Night - Giants in the Electronic Wallpaper (2011)

Seems I've developed a habit of posting submissions this month. This is group makes it easy for me to do so. It's the third time Mother Night is featured here on Spacerockmountain. New album with a fine title packed full of intense math rock. Perhaps even more than their previous releases this album really embraces the fast, angular guitar that reminds me of Clossamite, Chavez or Don Caballero. Powerful stuff to say the least and highly recommended to anyone that enjoyed their earlier music or the bands I just mentioned. I should be getting something I found on my own soon to post up to break up this submission streak, even if I have to pull it from the dark corners of my hard drive. Meanwhile be awed at how many great artists want to give you free tunes.

To be had here:
Mother Night - Giants in the Electronic Wallpaper

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