Sunday, October 9, 2011

Different Skeletons - Secret Jeers (2011)

If you read my last EP Grab Bag post you may recall it was eerie how many drone/experimental artists submitted their music to me in such a brief time. Well, that isn't the only seemingly coincidental likeness of the submitted albums, for here is another lo-fi band from Toronto. Kinda feels like this isn't happenstance any longer. Nevertheless, Different Skeletons are garage rock band from Canada's largest city as I mentioned. Compared to their recently-posted-upon compatriots, the Bleed Whites, these guys sound much more like the garage rock I enjoyed listening to alone in my parents' basement as a teenager, odd how little has changed in that regard. Anyhow, Different Skeletons are delightfully jangled, chanting, and surf-tinged. For all the same reasons I recommended the Bleed Whites I can suggest these guys, especially if you're looking for something quicker and rougher. All and all, a sweet debut album.

To be had here:
Different Skeletons - Secret Jeers

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