Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ryan Trott - Wild Wonder (2011)

A submission that came with good timing. As the post on Elf Power might suggest I've had a hankering for some psychedelic pop music. Ryan Trott has released this album on bandcamp (not for free, mind you, sorry about that jazz) riddled with a mess of sweet ditties of Elephant 6-esque lo-fi pop. Perhaps most like The Sixth Great Lake or The Sunshine Fix's A Spiraling World of Pop because of the acoustic element to his songs. However, I don't have to portray Trott as any carbon copy of E6 or other previous acts. He's definitely got his own voice and style that does well by incorporating good influences. Sure they songs aren't wildly unique, but they're well written and refreshing. I found them acutely charming in fact. Gave the whole thing two complete listens in a row I liked it enough.

To be had here:
Ryan Trott - Wild Wonder

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