Saturday, October 29, 2011

Random Singles part five

There's been a back up of singles, but when isn't there a back up of anything. So here are the one's I've been sitting on and didn't lose in the messiness of my email inbox.

To be had here:

Greg Cee - White Moon Digital Single (2010)

Loud, distorted guitar and howling, nearly abrasive vocals out of New Jersey. Basically, my bread and butter as far as rock music goes. It has that wonderful combination of garage rock, psychedelic and punk. Reminds me of Useless Eaters, the Flaming Sideburns and the Traditional Fools.

Forestcousin - Demo (2011)

Never mind that this is a demo, it is a really brilliant couple of tracks. The first song, "Crops," begins like rather solid single along the lines of the last decade's psychedelic pop, does push beyond. The sweet singing transforms into shouting in an interesting twist, yet somehow never loses a sort of upbeat-ness that shouldn't be dismissed. The second song expands this contrast to a fine climax.

Álfheimr - Predatory Nature (2011)

It's been a minute since I've put on post-rock on the blog, and I don't get a terribly large amount of it sent in. Yet I am glad Álfheimr did so. It's really remarkable how post-rock allows my mind to wander to huge aspects of the world such as oceans and seasons. The title Predatory Nature is spot on for the epic and naturalistic qualities of this sort of music.

Zorch - Cosmic Gloss / E.M.F. (2011)

Zorch is from Austin, TX and described themselves as noise pop, but I'd more easily think of them as electronic psychedelic. Regardless of the tag you wanna place on them, they've got a couple of really exciting songs that between them both are over 17 minutes of trippy, evolving, joyous music.

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  1. Another download link for Greg Cee's White moon recordings