Friday, January 14, 2011

María y José - Espíritu Invisible (2010) & Kibosé EP (2010)

I am pretty sure these were on Somatose at one point or another, and if I'm mistaken then I'm just thinking it jives with their style. Anyway, as long as I was posting yesterday's "glo-fi" of Lay Bac that I might was well just share both the full-length and the EP by María y José, the project of musician Antonio Jimenz. The tone of these releases are somewhat different, with the Kibosé EP being more synthpop-esque and dancey whereas Espíritu Invisible feels more psychedelic and sample heavy. Espíritu Invisible shares many of the nostalgic themes that Lay Bac, Monster Rally, and Beat Connection incorporation into their songs, but the most notable difference is the punchy tropicália-like beats. Both releases are rather brilliant in part because of this difference, which keeps each a bit more unique when compared. María y José utilizes samples done in Spanish, which isn't wildly unusual as he is from Mexico. However, I find these are particularly enjoyable despite the fact that I haven't clue what they mean, and they're not structured like lyrics anyhow. These songs have been played many times over in the last several days through my headphones, perhaps you might enjoy doing likewise.

To be had here:

Espíritu Invisible [320 kbps]

Kibosé EP [320 kbps]

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  1. Sadly, this little gem had flown over my radar, but gladly, I religiously read your posts!
    Has always, thanks