Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lay Bac - ooo kokomo (2010)

This artist popped up among my recommended ones from because I'd been circling around it with other artists I been enjoying and posted on here such as Ra Calium and Wrestling Club. This album is some dreamy electronic music like Ra Calium, but has this warm mood like a tropical breeze that leads me to compare it to Monster Rally. Pleasant is probably the best word to use to describe it, though I bet this is another case where those strange new genre names like chillwave and glo-fi could be applied. What I like about it is how the music seems to be fade in and out at times and drop into prolonged hazy ambiances. Wish I knew more about the artist, but I am throwing this up now while I'm eager so all I know is they're on the very neat Trembleface/Sanddagger label and from Austin, Texas. Lastly, the album is free via bandcamp like the most of the others mentioned today.

To be had here:
Lay Bac - ooo kokomo

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