Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Horrid Red - Empty Lungs (2010)

Horrid Red is something else. Pretty sure I saw them on a blog somewhere or another, but I just got to listening to them over the last week. Like the band that it sprouted from, Teenage Panzerkorps, Horrid Red makes dark, eerie post-punk with singing comprised of rather haunting German. While Teenage Panzerkorps is intense, big and loud this is a more subtle and focused version. Brooding and echoic the music makes the German seem otherworldly, but there is more to Empty Lungs than the spookiness and foreignness. It is a remarkably well blended new wave and kaurtrock elements that makes for a real nostalgic feel to the album. I am unsure what would motivate one to make such sounds as these, but I am sure glad someone did. Finally, it is worth noting that both Horrid Red and Teenage Panzerkorps releases are available on bandcamp for the damned fine price of five dollars, even for full-length releases.

To be had here:
Horrid Red - Empty Lungs [256 VBR kbps]

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  1. to be honest, this album lose it's attraction if you understand german. The lyrics are not sooo good. I prefer the Pink Flowers EP over the TPK stuff and Empty Lungs. It's just nicer. Anyway it's an interesting project by sky green glenn d.