Monday, January 17, 2011

Chico Magnetic Band - Chicao Magnetic Band (1971)

This is a real oddity that I stumbled on the other day. Chico Magnetic Band was a psychedelic rock band that incorporated considerable elements to the hard rock of their era. They're real hard to pigeonhole though as they get rather far out. Formed in 1969 in France being called Chico & the Slow Death originally. In 1971 they released their only LP, which was limited to France alone from what I gather. Of course, with the passage of time people recognize brilliance and that is a good a word as any to describe the loud and impressive sounds of this band. The range encompassed by the song without changing the mood is great, with heavy rock freak-outs and spacey meanderings and dreamy guitar picking often all mixed up on the same track. Now normally I don't include pictures beyond the album art, but when I downloaded it had with it some righteous shots of the band that I feel compelled to post here as well.

To be had here:
Chico Magnetic Band - Chicao Magnetic Band [320 kbps]


  1. Just checking if this was the reissue with the extra tracks..sadly not but when an album is this good who needs the bonus tracks...if this album was a drug it would be DMT; short, explosive and liable to rupture every ontological category you hold the late Terrence McKenna said, the only danger of such a drug is "death by astonishment" and after listening to this album, such an analogy kind of holds...the first time you hear this album, it feels like you have gone through an experience..what kind, who knows, but something deep within ruptures and in a very small way, you are never the same again!

    Just check out the 'Pop Pull Hair' track by sonic French alchemist Jean-Pierre Massiera and marvel at the fact it was made in 1971!

    The definitive story and review of this album is over at Head Heritage (where else) with a review by The Seth Man: