Monday, January 3, 2011

The Electric Nature - Space Face (2011)

This here is another excellent submission by a reader, or purported reader as I'm not running any checks for the validity of that claim. I know I've been somewhat lackadaisical about posted submitted albums, but I am working on it in my sluggish manner. You can always re-email me and pester me more if you think I have overlooked you. To the album at hand however. Space Face seems more of an EP to be technical, but nonetheless a rather solid release. As the name of the EP and the artist might suggest, it is pretty psychedelic and spacey. In fact one might say that is all it is and all it need be. Mellow droning of electronics and guitar to launch the mind into a fanciful escape world. Nothing too complex either not that this is a good or bad this necessarily. Just give it a whirl.

To be had here:
The Electric Nature - Space Face

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