Friday, January 21, 2011

Caetano Veloso - Caetano Veloso (Tropicália) (1968)

Caetano Veloso was mentioned in yesterday's post on the Os Brazoes as a founder of the Tropicália movement. Indeed he was, and remains, one of the most famous and influential of Tropicália musicians. A contemporary of Os Mutantes and Gliberto Gil along with the brother of Brazilian singer Maria Bethânia he was poised well to make a venture into a solo musical career. He aimed high, wanting to even out do the Beatles in some regards from what I've read, and it resonated with the country of Brazil, which was experiencing a period of military dictatorship. With his songs he wished to help bring Brazil into a more international and modern musical culture, so like the other pioneers of Tropicália he infused Brazilian elements into the psychedelic rock that was popular in North American and Western Europe. The idea was to be board and flexible, able to integrate many influences into the sound. A tough job for anyone, but the brilliant Veloso pulled off a remarkable album with some of the most exciting singing and music I've ever heard, regardless of the fact that I don't even understand the lyrics. What I do know is that he work was politically charged and that got him, along with Gil, into trouble with the military government and even forced him to take a temporary exile. However, today he is still held in regard in and beyond Brazil and still is touring and making albums.

To be had here:
Caetano Veloso - Caetano Veloso (Tropicália) [192 kbps]

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