Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bloodshot Bill - Trash Addict (2003) & Rockabilly Trash (2004)

Bloodshot Bill is a Canadian musician that specializes in greasy and gritty rockabilly. As mentioned in an earlier post, he is half of the new group Tandoori Knights with King Khan. Additionally, he was on the Our Boy Roy tribute compilation. Therefore, I'm likely overdue in sharing something from his main body of work. Trash Addict and Rockabilly Trash are two of his full-lengths but not the only ones, just what I've got on hand for the time being. As you might have pieced together from the titles of the albums, trashiness is integral to his interpretation of rockabilly music very much like Jon Spencer with his band Heavy Trash. This sleazy yet sleek style is expressed in both the wildly sung lyrics and prominent guitar work. Almost makes you want to put some DW-40 in your hair and roll some cigarettes up in your sleeve. Bloodshot Bill is certainly considerably more pure to the rockabilly sound that the garage rock I've posted before, again another similarity to Heavy Trash. Quite worthwhile if you're a fan of lo-fi rock and roll in most any form.

To be had here:

Trash Addict [192 kbps]

Rockabilly Trash [320 kbps]

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