Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Barbaras - Summertime Road 7" (2008)

This is more a mini-post as I didn't feel I could talk about today's main post, Girls of the Gravitron, without sharing the 7" of one of their preceding groups, the Barbaras. Just a short three track release, Summertime Road held some real promise for the band to be a real awesome lo-fi rock group. However, for reasons I haven't been privy to the band decided to splitter and reform into various bands. This left the Barbaras as glimmering tassel flying behind the Memphian musicians further endeavors like Magic Kids, Girls of the Gravitron, and one member is playing with Wavves, from what I've read at least. And if that didn't sell you on this single, bear in mind incomprehensible lo-fi falsetto is pretty fucking amazing. Need to listen to understand that I suppose. My apologies to whatever blog I originally picked this up from that I forget and therefore can't give credit to.

To be had here:
The Barbaras - Summertime Road 7" [128 kbps]

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