Monday, January 10, 2011

Delorean - Subiza (2010) & Ayrton Senna EP (2009)

Not much dancey electronic music makes its way into Spacerockmountain. Normally that sort of thing isn't my jam. Yet from time to time I do find something that defies my predilections. I forget where I originally heard about Delorean but when I saw it popping up around the internet and it was being recommended to me by a Dutchman with an ear for electronic music I decided to quit resting on my haunches and give them a chance. Obviously these Spaniards succeeded in impressing me with their catchy, highly poppy electronic numbers. The band has been around for several years and what I am sharing here are just their most recent full length along with the preceding EP. For those interested this is the version of the EP with the bonus tracks. The two releases are rather close in the mood and style so it only makes sense to listen to them both if you find yourself liking either.

Not to be had here as these were continually taken down:

Ayrton Senna EP [256 VBR kbps]

Subiza [2010]

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