Monday, October 27, 2014

EP Grab Bag vol. 78

This October has featured a heavy degree of returning artists and labels. I imagine it's those that have put me in their internet rolodex. I am happy see that people are responding well to the posts and that the musicians and persons running labels have felt it worthwhile to keep me in the loop with all their ongoing projects. If you haven't heard from me I am likely getting to it, but you can repeatedly email me. Some of you already do and I don't mind. Anyhow, here's the EPs I got in, some of them artists we've featured before, some even rather recently, to add the the train of Nate Henricks, Citradels, Sioux Trails and so on that've been so kind to share their music with us all to frequently.

To be had here:
NAYSA - Losing Weight EP (2014)

As promised this is a returning band to SRM, as I posted their wonderful EP, Troubled Heart, back in Grab Bag 62. Not to dis that prior EP, but this one is a incredible leap in execution. It among the most immediately likable EPs I've gotten all year. In the email alerting me to Losing Weight there's a mention to it being number one on a college radio station in their native Winnipeg. It does sound like college rock, meant in the very best possible way you might envision, the sort with a lot of indie pop influence. Only $4 Canadian, so that is like only some other amount in another currency (still cheap).

Ry Smith - They Don't Understand (2014)

What's this, Ry Smith so soon again? Yeah, pilgrims, his got an EP hot on the hells of his full-length, Rexroth, that I posted about just last month. So I downloaded this album without looking at a word about it, which isn't unusual for me, but that I recognized the first track as something I familiar with was abnormal. It took several moments for my dumb brain to realize that this was a Strokes song, and what is this? The whole EP is covers of Strokes songs? Yes, this excellent news is in fact what Ry Smith has gifted to us and it is awesome.

Lost Trail - Rural Entropy EP (2014)

A short experimental-ambient soundscape release. I mean it is brief, like five minutes, but it is priced accordingly as it goes for only a scant $1.25. It is a fine sample that could be a sign of a fine full-length to come. Additionally, I thought this might be something wholly new to the Grab Bag, but turns out I have posted the label that released this, two years ago, so thanks for coming back Silber Records, and sorry I posted stuff you worked on without mentioning you, but I am sloppy and very sleepy most of the time.

Slight - Spirit School / Tasting (2014)

Another Canadian band, yet this time from Montreal. Just two tracks, but more than enough to enlighten a listener to how they're making excellent hi-fi art pop. Yes, I can enjoy hi-fi music as well as my beloved lo-fi. Just so happens I'm multifaceted, like a gemstone, pilgrims. I found this pair of songs to be lovely in their blending of harmonic and chaotic elements, and quite soothing overall. Liked well enough that I even went back and heard their three song EP from last year called Melodion, which I'll also recommend. And this band is new to SRM.

Angel Kaplan - Broken Toys b​/​w Thank You (2010)

So those of you that found pleasure in hearing the full-length album, Pictures from the Past, from Angel Kaplan that I posted up early in the month will be happy to know that there is a 7" that predates it but is mighty fine to hear as well. Moreover it is purchasable in a physical format from Get Hip Records for a few dollars. These two songs are fucking great, the first is like the sweet psych-pop precursor of the later LP and the second an alt-country infused cover of the 1960s group, the Remains.

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