Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spirale - Labirintas (2013)

To be blunt, this is me stepping outside of my usual realm music I know something about and have spent countless hours listening to. I haven't ever been indoctrinated in the finer qualities and aspects of metal nor have I many emotional ties to the genre, really only listening to one band that could be called as much, that being Black Sabbath and then only the early stuff. Nevertheless, I felt like it would be good to give this album a listen. While it is still not what I usually would seek out, I guess a perk of being a music reviewer is getting a chance to hear all sorts of shit, and I was not disappointed in selecting Spirale. Sure it is heavy, guitar-blasting and rapid I didn't find to lack many of the qualities I enjoy about both garage and post-rock. Of course, this is more experimental metal with influence of math rock and prog, so I knew that'd be all slanted in my favor, but I don't think I should discount how much I liked this hard and fast rock. It's laced with spoken word bits in various languages and bass lines that made me smile. I was genuinely pumped by the end of it and I would be curious to hear what the those of you more acquainted with metal have to say about it. Does remind me a little of Matmos, Maserati and their ilk but naturally a bit heavier still. Not of usual cup of tea, but one I very well could revisit.

To be had here:
Spirale - Labirintas

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