Thursday, April 24, 2014

Vintage Cucumber - Sing Sang Sung (2014)

Here's some music that would've been a cool soundtrack to the holiday last Sunday. No, not that holiday. That holiday. You know, the one that gives all the trustafarians in your city a reason to throw their "spare change for beer" signs into the backseat of their Landrovers and head over to the park to futz around with frisbees and devils sticks.

Now, I know some of you are all, "You're a little late, Larry. That was 4 days ago." Believe me, "a little late" is the story of my life. But isn't everyday 4/20 day? Isn't that what people say?

What we have here is a project by a Johannes Schulz, who apparently lives in a small town in Germany. Whoever he is, he's got a great album cover aesthetic, and is quite possibly the most prolific person on Bandcamp. He uploaded 9 albums in 2013 alone, for chrissakes. This EP, titled Sing Sang Sung, is already Vintage Cuke's 2nd release in 2014. Enclosed is some seriously atmospheric psychedelia. Slow jams lasting 5 to 10 minutes throw you into a daze, while the sounds of a babbling brook and chirping birds play accompaniment. These sounds actually accompany this whole EP, and several other Vintage Cucumber recordings, as if they are a member of the band. "Johannes Schulz on guitar. Nature on vibes."

Overall the music is very relaxing, cheesy, trippy, and will undoubtedly make you have to pee. For any non-smokers, Vintage Cucumber would serve as a wonderful soundtrack to your sleepy times.

Just make sure to pee first.

Vintage Cucumber - Sing Sang Sung

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  1. Another great find Larry. I did not partake in said holiday, but these tunes are nice none the less.