Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Majmoon - Procedure in a Case of Breakdown LP (2012)

Now here is something I really dropped the ball on. I was looking around at my last.fm which I hadn't done in quite some time and I saw that not only had Majmoon thanked me for posting them way back when but I that they had indeed released another album, two years ago at this point. My bad, guys. Anyway, I still love these German post-rockers so I am gonna post up regardless of how tardy. Majmoon makes epic post-rock, with the long, building sort of soundscapes that I so frequently praise. However, they're anything but a sleepy in their approach, the songs start straight off with remarkable playing and get spiral from there. I only wish that I could have an opportunity to hear these guys live someday, but I can't imagine I am gonna be jaunting through Munich again anytime soon. As usual most of us are gonna settle for the recording, but I believe you'll find that a rather pleasing consolation.

To be had here:
Majmoon -  Procedure in a Case of Breakdown LP

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