Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kristy and the Kraks - ST (2014)

These lovely ladies must be label-mates of mine, because their bread of minimalist Rock'n'Roll is so infectious, that I think it gave me a new disease: Rockatitous. This disease can cause constant foot thumping and headbanging until your body literally dies from aggravated movement. Thankfully, I am already dead and don't have to worry about passing. Those of you who are still with the living should consider playing this record as a potential death-wish.

Made up of only two women, they spend little time filling their tracks with unnecessary sound; only the bare minimum of sounds are crafted to give the listener the distinct feeling that they are sitting in on a live performance with the group. The songs are simple and loose enough that it feels natural and fitting without leaving you wanting. They do know their harmonies however, and when both members chime in with the harmonies, my garage rock heart begins to tingle. Awesome 7 inch record that should get a play at all parties and social events in your schedule.

Get it here:
Kristy and the Kraks - ST (2014)

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