Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sinthaxis – Bending Space Machine (2013)

Sinthaxis is a Portland, Oregon based band with a connection to Uruguay. First off, I learnt of this record when the label, Snake Handler Recordings were kind enough to send a couple of their vinyl releases to us. They play country-influenced psychedelic folk that feels chilled out and quite blissful with a worldly infusion of sounds. In particular they reminded me of the kraut-folk (it was a thing, trust) German band, Bröselmaschine with the mixture of Eastern, Western and Latin American. One can even detect the subtle influence of spaghetti Western soundtracks like those of Ennio Morricone, in "El Rey Adar" and "Babble on, Baby" especially. The album is diverse in its sound while remaining very true to an overall theme. For example the song "Wusûhihûñ_yǐ (There Where They Stay Over Night)" will demonstrate how a moaning chants and long instrumental wandering are just after the flourish-filled, twaggy guitar-driven tones of "Babble on, Baby." Each of the tracks has a degree of repeating core progressions that provides the same kind of meditative qualities of drone music. It is easy to lose oneself in these songs and forget your worries for a moment, something I could with more of all the time. The album can be streamed on the bands website, links to buy it digitally or physically are there too or you can email Snake Handler (Snakehandlerrecordings@gmail.com) directly and get a vinyl for $10 plus shipping.

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