Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Comets - Fire The Wake Up Call (2014)

It is always exciting to get a new project from talents musicians I've already had the good fortune to become familiar with through writing this blog, and here we've got not only one musician dedicated readers of the site with know but two. This is a the collaboration of the two Connecticut-dwelling musical frontmen, Cal McNamara of The Gentle Stunts and Tynan Cooney of Werewolf Police. Each of those bands were among my favorite submissions, and I even got to briefly meet Tynan at a live show of the Inclined Plane show, of which my erstwhile roommate is a member, when I was living in Connecticut. Now that you've read of this incestuous knot of bands hopefully you'll get an understanding of the high hopes I had set for Comets. Happily, they met my expectations with their electronic indie pop that blends 80s, instrumental hip-hop and top 40s music into something they've adorably tagged creep pop. If I ever had a club this the sort of songs I'd play, which might not be ideal for a the club-going crowd but seeing them not understand the darkly composed yet dance-able pop tracks would please me to no end. The lyrics absolutely worth listened to, with their absurd subject matter delivered a bizarrely stylish fashion. Watch out though, the songs'll are genuine ear worms just waiting to make a home in head.

To be had here:
Comets - Fire The Wake Up Call

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