Friday, April 25, 2014

The Gorlons - The Gorlons Live in Concert (2014)

Good news, everyone, a live album by the much-beloved Springfield, MO band, the Gorlons. Their full-length debut album just came out back in February, which has already been featured on this site and on first episode of the podcast. Therefore, the songs will seem familiar to those of you that had the good sense to download and hear that release, but as fans of garage rock know well, the best way to experience the genre is live and if you're not able to attend a show a live album is often the next best thing. This live set delivers what a fan of lo-fi rock and roll ought to hope for such as loud organ, fuzzy guitars and thundering percussion. Naturally, everything is a bit more washed out from the live recording, but who wants garage rock to be crystal clear? It is a sweet, cheap follow up that puts me near to tears wishing they'd come play a show in Detroit.

To be had here:
The Gorlons - The Gorlons Live in Concert

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