Thursday, April 17, 2014

Home Alone - There's A Light Coming Through (2014)

Home Alone is Torontonian band, a fancy way of saying big city Ontarians. Canadian demonyms seem funny to me despite growing up on the Ontario-Michigan border, but that is beside the point, which is these mesmerizing songs. I have seen some chatter about this album on the internets already, as there should be. To put it crudely the tracks are lo-fi dream pop. However, as with most all good albums it is a combination of the more subtle factors that create the majestic treat for ears. They've got a perfectly balanced electronically graced sound throughout and some impressively delivered, impactful lyrics. Like emotional lullabies for the self-aware adult. Trust, it is some righteous shit that I feel a fool for not listening to weeks ago. In a hope that this won't undercut the creditability of my recommendation (which I assure you is legit as it gets) I'd like to give some props to Spacerockmountain alumnus, Warren Hildebrand, for mastering this album and releasing it on his laudably curated label Orchid Tapes. Check out what else he's been putting out, because the man's got impeccable taste.

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