Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SIlver Bullets - Città Invisibili (2010)

Around this time last year I wrote about first album by Silver Bullets, Free Radical (I know this link is dead, I forgot to zip up the album to re-upload I hope to fix that soon). This was in the in the wake of my getting ultra-jazzed about King Blood's outstanding drone masterpiece, Eyewash Silver. Validating those that think taste cyclical, I'm feeling the drone now due in large part to the amount of ambient and drone-like music I've been getting submitted I'm mining old veins. Although this release was out already by the time I even stumbled onto the first, it is worth going back to if you're unfamiliar. If I remember shit correctly, Silver Bullets is the moniker of an Italian musician, based in Sicily specifically. Hence the name of Città Invisibili make tremendous since, as it refers to a novel by Italian author Italo Calvino. The music itself is nearly as trippy as the book's premise. The heavy sound of Free Radical dramatically vanished in Città Invisibili for a more subtle psychedelic drone. Nonetheless, the album is exceptionally well executed and totally a highly recommended listen for fans of ambient/drone.

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