Sunday, April 22, 2012

RedDelicious - 1120 (2011)

Now I am perfectly cool with listening to ambient music. It is far and away the bulk of what I've gotten submitted to the blog lately. It does sometimes make it hard to break apart the different albums mentally, but remarkably enough RedDelicious swung in and broke the pattern up for my flattering mind. While parts of 1120 fall into ambient, encompassing the telltale background-ish haze, in others it moves into electronic rock. It's got a more dynamic take, more akin to a science fiction soundtrack or unordinary video game tunes. Makes the mundane feel like that shit is electronically enhanced, that perhaps trimming my beard is cool and fun as playing Dr. Mario (this is a long held suspicion of mine that manifests when I drink expensive beer). There are a couple of real superb tracks like the catchy "Afrika Bambataa" and whistling-heavy "Blueberry Valley." Great stuff from a dude with a laptop and a collection of instruments.

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