Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Opacities - Field Reconnaissance (2012)

Been getting a good deal of ambient music in the submitted material lately. This one happens to be sent in by new label some young fellows are trying to get going called Static Reason Recordings. Didn't provide too much information on who the artist is other than what is a pretty neat name, Opacities. This stuff is straight-up ambient of the field recording, looping and sparsely instrumental variety. Has scraping, bleeping and other sounds only an array onomatopoeia could do justice in describing. Though I'd hardly say the music is busy sounding, it doesn't really let up at all and is more cacophonous than the recently posted Dive Signals or Astronomical. A pretty promising start for an ambient label and a well rather properly done album on whole. Will say I've gotten so much of this sorta thing lately I am getting dissociated from time and space. Nothing a guitar can't fix.

To be had here:
Opacities - Field Reconnaissance

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  1. Both Dive Signals and Opacities share the same label -- the 2 albums should be available on CD and Cassette soon.