Sunday, April 8, 2012

Jeff Beam - Be Your Own Mirror (2012)

Hooray for using my grandparents' internet this Easter Sunday. So lucky for you guys I can say something about Jeff Beam. Solo musician from Portland, Maine that plays some subtly done psychedelic tunes. Sort of a bedroom pop meets psych-folk sound that's easily appreciated while relaxing on a Sunday morning such as today. Songs are full of sounds yet don't seem complex, which I reckon must just be experience in composition that's beyond my nonexistent technical knowledge of songwriting. The tracks "Hospital Patience" and "Now' both stand out as something I would like to have in regular rotation. Lovely what folks can do with guitars and computers these days. Finally, thanks to Amazing Larry for contributing a post and I hope we'll get to read more recommendations from him soon.

To be had here:
Jeff Beam - Be Your Own Mirror

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