Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Pity Sex - Dark World (2012)

Emo, that's something I don't think I've ever broached on Spacerockmountain. The vast majority of anything that could be called emo music is outside my tastes, but I grew up in a place and time when only metal or emo bands played in my adolescence. Naturally, enough that poisoned them both to me, plus that whole straight-edge thing was bullshit and still is (even if you got new age hippie tripe backing it). Anyway, that's just a rant I've had for a decade now, but the reason I bring up emo at all is that someone sent me some. Here's the rub though, this is way better than I remember the shows of my teenage years being. In fact in many ways it reminds me of music that could be called emo that I did really dig back then, mostly the Saddle Creek scene like Cursive and Desaparecidos. Pity Sex has captured the elements that loud, charged rock admirably. I'm especially fond of the track "Dogwalk" which has both male and female vocals with some pretty righteous guitar playing to boot. Another lesson in how most any kind of music is good if done well, yet I'll say if you're wholly opposed to this sort of stuff then your basis can overwhelm it (to each their own, right?). Finally these guys are from Ann Arbor, which relatively to most of the band I post is extremely close to my current home. So hope they remind me when they come into Detroit.

To be had here:
Pity Sex - Dark World

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