Monday, April 16, 2012

EP Grab Bag vol. 16

Been a minute since I got a chance to post up a group of EPs. Got caught up with the celebrations and necessary family visitations surrounding my birthday. Plus that much beer flowing is hardly conductive to getting any amount of writing done. However belated, here's what I got.

To be had here:

Secret Motorbikes - I Get Up (2012)

Another EP/single from Glasgow rockers, Secret Motorbikes. Lo-fi garage-esque rock that employs loud enough drumming and guitar playing to make me more than happy. A real good follow up to This Is not A Hostel EP from earlier this year. With song coming out this quickly perhaps there'll be a album before long.

Plumerai - Marco Polo (2012)

This was sent to me by the folks at Sibler Records where a bunch of stuff at be had for free. Plumerai is some mildly frantic sounding indie rock driven in a large part by some lovely vocals. The songs are melodic have that post-rock-like quality of building up but a shoegaze sorta instrumentation. Recommended to those that fancy strong vocals in their music.

@&@ - Flaws (2012)

Not sure if this was a fan or artist submitted EP but it makes little difference. It is a stripped-down folk act. Six short songs that haven't much more than guitar, emotional fraught singing, and some interesting lyrics. Simple and straightforward and that's what makes it good.

Dusty Mush - Tom Pitt's Acid Trip (2012)

A new EP from the French garage rock band Dusty Mush. Their demos that were featured on a prior Grab Bag were much adored by me. Pretty jazzed to see this is out, and with only a tiny price tag of a single Euro. They claim an album is coming too so look forward to that.

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