Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Box Elders - Alice and Friends (2009)

My brain is fucked over from all the alcohol as of late so I stared at a wall until I got the moxie to post anything at all. Box Elders is a band that I was bound to find and love. They've got what I am often looking for in their British Invasion-esque garage rock. The songs aren't complex yet they do have a bunch of sounds swirling about. One neat thing I read is that the drummer serves as the organist simultaneously. Pretty righteous achievement. I do believe Alice and Friends to be their only full-length to date. Basically, the nature of hunting for work in Detroit has lead to considerable lengths of time in the car each day so whatever I can even vaguely hear over my loud engine and open windows is what I'm down with right now. They didn't do anything wrong and this album lends itself to singing along, so even though my mind wasn't blown I am happy these fellas.

To be had here:
Box Elders - Alice and Friends [192 kbps]


  1. good luck finding a job, i just got one after 15 months, keep your head up! ...as for this box elders stuff, other than the supremely catchy "hole in my head" THIS BAND SUCKS!! seriously tho, this blog and others like it were the only source of fun i could afford for quite a long time, may the good kharma return to you, THANX

  2. Thanks for the support in my job hunting and for the blog. I understand the need for cheap entertainment for sure. I do think this album is better thank sucky though, but to each their own and I'll be posting some more garage rock that hopefully you'll like soon.

  3. box elders are fucing rad as hell and here's another awesome garage pop band from omaha called the dads. you should post this....
    not my band im just a big fan of them

  4. any chance re-upping this? i can't find it anywhere