Sunday, June 5, 2011

EP Grab Bag

These are a more or less randomly selected group of EPs that I don't feel merit posts of their own but I either meant to post or have been considering how to for a bit. They're all good and I think all the artists have been posted or something else they were connected with was.

The Traditional Fools - I Got A Baby (2007) [256 kbps]

An EP that one of Ty Segall's bands before he focused more on solo work. I already posted up their full-length and a live album by the band. Exetremely lo-fi garage punk that Segall is beloved for.

Moe Tucker - Moejadkatebarry (1987) [224 VBR kbps]

An EP from Maureen Tucker's post-Velvet Underground solo career. The title is a portmanteau of first names of the first names of the four main musicians featured: Moe Tucker, Jad Fair, Kate Messer, and Barry Stock. Jad's brother David plays harmonica on a track as well. Mostly Velvet Underground songs that are reworked along a Jimmy Reed cover and an original song.

Vince Mole And His Calcium Orchestra - Spend The Future In 1994 7" (1998) [128 kbps]

This is a project of Chris Parfitt who was a founding member of the Apples in Stereo and therefore of the Elephant 6 label/collective. Also members of Kingsauce, a lovely indie pop band in their own right, belong to the band. Sorry for the shitty bit rate.

Woven Bones - The Minus Touch EP (2009) [320 kbps]

Woven Bones is a garage rock act I've consider many times to post up but I kept getting sidetracked somehow. Anyway, should I make a more lengthy post I likely wouldn't include this EP just for the sake of making myself less work, but a grab bag is a good place for it certainly. Heavy on the reverb and gruff with the vocals it is some quality shit.

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