Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Little Brothers - Nostalgia Trip 2011 (2011)

Forgive my laxness on posting, I've hardly even been anywhere I can call home since arriving back in Michigan. I'm getting the shuffle as I am trying to figure out how I am gonna feed myself. Anyhow, while I was gone this band, Little Brothers, sent to the link to their tiny album. Thus, I am making an effort to clear my docket and so I gave this a good whirl today. Rather pleased I did as it goes. The album begins like some cheerful and moderately complex indie pop that reminds me of the Sunset Rubdown, yet as it goes it the group demonstrates they're no carbon copy. Both with quick and slow numbers the soulfully sung and well arranged sounds make for a suitably fine indie pop/rock release. Nice to have something so pleasant in this godforsaken heat that is beating Detroit like a baby seal. So thanks to this Louisville three piece for this jigger.

To be had here:
Little Brothers - Nostalgia Trip 2011

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