Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gem Trails - Timeshares (2010)

Timeshares is electronic music riddled with loops and effects throughout to create a trippy feel. The resulting psychedelic soundscape invokes thoughts of sci-fi movies where characters are dressed monochromatically engaged in excessively liberal pastimes of the future. Nonetheless, the Gem Trails seem surprisingly modest compared to many electronic artists. Most of the tracks are instrumental and not terribly complex. Sometimes keeping it relatively simple is the key to making a relaxing yet provoking album. Won over by this lightweight electronic music, I find myself wishing it was the soundtrack to an undiscovered film. Instead I am satisfying myself by imagining futuristic wind chimes that produce sound when light beams strike them. Also this guy is in Woodsman.

To be had here:
Gem Trails - Timeshares

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