Sunday, June 26, 2011

Crystal Stilts - In Love with Oblivion (2011)

The new album by Crystal Stilts maintains the same qualities that provoked the popularity of the previous releases. Full of jangled guitars, organ and echoed vocals they're a quintessential retro noise pop outfit. While this is hardly a unique position, as we can recall The Jesus & Mary Chain did it in the 80s, Skywave in the 90s, and Girls Names nearly contemporaneously to Crystal Stilts. I don't mean to diminish the band's talent, they've got the sound down to a science. There is not a track on the album that isn't worth listening to. In Love with Oblivion is an excellent album to put on and get down to whatever it is you like. Put briefly, although there aren't really any standout tracks or much innovation, they're damn good at reverberated noise pop, thus worth getting merely for that.

To be had here:
Crystal Stilts - In Love with Oblivion [192 VBR kbps]

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  1. I grab this from you a few days ago and have had it on repeat since then, good looking out man.