Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Guitar Wolf - Dead Rock (2007)

I'm fully aware this came out four years ago, but I really just got into it now. Sometimes I forget how much a genuinely enjoy Guitar Wolf's noisy punk. I posted Jet Generation previously, and the version of "Summertime Blues" on that will forever be an anthem of mine. This was the first album to feature a new bassist as the bass wolf from the earlier albums sadly died before this release was recorded. Therefore it is dedicated to him and it strikes me as a strange, yet potentially very punk, act to call an album dedicated to a deceased friend Dead Rock. Naming choices aside, the album is heavy on the fuzzy bass and pounding drums and cymbals that have long defined the group. While none of the songs in particular stand out, I rarely have felt any Guitar Wolf's tracks do, it is more about the album as a whole being outrageous in its degree of garage punk enthusiasm.

To be had here:
Guitar Wolf - Dead Rock [192 kbps]