Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Tomutonttu - Tomutonttu (2007)

Here it is. The long awaited Finnish music I was downloading. At least the first of a few artists who I ran across. However, this isn't really something completely unexplored, it is Jan Anderzén's solo project. For this unfamiliar, Jan Anderzén is the mastermind behind the most amazing of Finnish avant-garde-noise-folk groups, Kemialliset Ystävät. Absolutely of the same caliber of musical preformance as his group work, Tomutonttu feels like a glow-in-dark display of sound. A Lite-Brite bombardment of the ears if you will. Believe it or not I thought of that before I even saw the psychedelic album art of this release. The album itself is more or less par for the course among Fonal Records releases: electronic, folk, ambient and noise all rolled together and flowing freely betwixt. Interestingly enough there is a whole bunch of sample sounds liberally placed about the album, mostly being nature clips of birds and barnyard creatures. Really as potential of sending one for a loop. For a fella that hates Michigan winters already I can't seem to get over music from cold climates.

To be had here:
Tomutonttu - Tomutonttu [256 VBR kbps]


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  2. the linkk is downnnn, thanks a lot, best, f.r

  3. Re-uploaded and ready to go for you.

  4. I have just discovered your blog - it is very good and interesting - I will be a regular here. Thanks a lot for the blog!

    The genres mentioned here are very promissing; looking forward listening. The album cover is somehow resembles "Space Invaders", the ancient arcade game - don't you think?
    Thank you very much for the post!

    Sincerely yours,