Monday, January 11, 2010

Hey guys.

Hey there, my name's Warren and I'm the new poster here at Spacerockmountain.
I'm 20 years old and go to an arts school in Toronto, Ontario. Here is a recent picture of me at a friends birthday party playing a Jaguar guitar while looking especially sad:

I'm pretty happy to be able to have the chance to share a lot of the music I dig with the readers here. I keep another blog called Foxes in Fiction where I share all of my own music and tons of other stuff I find interesting.
I'm gonna get around to posting some actual stuff for you guys later tonight. I hope you like it / don't hate my tastes.


  1. jazzmasters are better/i love toronto

  2. I've actually never played one, they look and sound beautiful...from afar.

  3. Wonderful to have you on board, spacerockmountainman. Can't wait to download your posts.