Friday, January 22, 2010

Kuupuu - Lumen tähden (2009)

I might not have ever explained on here that in my spare time I like to make alcohol. I haven't been at it for terribly long, but I do find making wines out of fruit to be one of the easier and in the case of bananas one of the cheaper. However, when making fruit wine one can not leave enough room in the fermentor, leading to it bubbling up through the airlock and onto the ground, potentially ruining the entire batch. I am pretty fucking sure when I found this had taken place this morning that it is a metaphor for two things, one of which I am prepared to share with you. The sugary banana booze to be that is running on Spacerockmountain floors is another Finnish band. Kuupuu is the name of this solo act by Jonna Karanka. She's played in some good Finnish groups, but this work on her own is well worth a listen in any of the previous Finnish music I shared caught your ear. It is very much along the same lines, but the electronics are veiled a bit more, appearing mostly as loops and altered vocals to create an ethereal sound.

To be had here:
Kuupuu - Lumen tähden [320 kbps]

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  1. Decided to make some wine after this I guess,not sure, but great album! Love the music on the blog!