Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Noah Georgeson - Find Shelter (2006)

Perhaps I'm a few steps behind in recently realizing the value of this album. It is certainly part of the whole New Weird America explosion of artist that took place a couple of years ago. Like Jana Hunter, Rio en Medio and Joanna Newsom this fella likely was part of the crowd that rose up together, with the central character being Devendra Banhart. He has worked with both Banhart and Newsom in the past, but unlike Newsom I really like his solo music. Possessed of the same spirit as Banhart's early releases like Oh Me Oh My... it is a wonderful display of what guitar playing and strange singing can achieve. On the off chance that people skipped him like I originally did I have decided to post him up. Plus, unlike other musical fads that sweep in the New Weird America seemed to escape the fate of being overly mainstreamed and used in films and television ads, though it couldn't elude this fully. Lastly, to give the artist credit, he does stand on his own in this album, even if all that shit means nothing to do you for you've never heard of any of those people. He is a fine musician and why he hasn't followed this album up with another is a mystery to me.

To be had here:
Noah Georgeson - Find Shelter [192 kbps]

P.S. I'd like to welcome Warren to the blog. I brought a new writer in to help ensure that posting won't dwindle too much as classes resume today. He is off to a great start.

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