Thursday, January 14, 2010

Casino Verus Japan - Casino Versus Japan (1998)

The first album released by the electronic / ambient musician Erik Kowalski, or Casino Versus Japan in 1998 which has become notoriously to find hard copies of. While I see his later works as more electronic music with ambient influences (similar to BoC) this 4-section album is far more ambient and minimal in nature, and for me, is much more emotionally evocative. This, and the rest of Kowalskis' discography is an often overlooked existence of songs that any fan of atmospheric or ambient music should get excited about. I really clicked with this album the second or third time I really listened to it, and it continues to be a huge influence on the way I approach loop-based, vignetted or ambient timbres.

DOWNLOAD: Casino Versus Japan - S/T Part 1
DOWNLOAD: Casino Versus Japan - S/T Part 2


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