Monday, January 18, 2010

Ganglians - Monster Head Room (2009)

I got laid off today and I'm overjoyed. That job was incredibly terrible and now I am free to do something good for once. Basically, post on the blog and trying to get an internship involving the production of my favorite beverages beer, mead or coffee. On to the music though, Monster Head Room is different feel than the more or less contemporary release, Woodsist. Well, identifiably the same of the same genesis, this album has a way more lively feel compared to warped sound of Woodsist. The band I can't help but think of when listening to this album is the Beach Boys. Naturally, one must assume a Beach Boys that formed this decade and where shaped by modern musical trends and weren't overly concerned with surfing. Some of the songs appear on both of the release, but in alternative versions, which is always the preferable way to issue tracks more than once. The album is overwhelming happy, and I find it is exactly what a freshly unemployed young man like me requires.

To be had here:
Ganglians - Monster Head Room [256 VBR kbps]


  1. I've been looking for this so thank you! Everything you put up is the fucking bee's knees

  2. Hi!!
    I looove your blog!!
    Do you accept suggestions? I think Charades - Revolución solar is a great record and would fit this blog perfectly!