Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Atlas Sound - Weekend EP (2007)

A gem in the obscure and vast back-catalog that is the Atlas Sound discography. Originally and only released as a digital EP in December of 2007 on the Deerhunter forum, this 3 song EP contains some of the most cryptic imagery-filled ambient music I've ever heard. The mood of each of track matches the nostalgic and juvenile themes in each of the lengthy song titles. I have some extremely vivid memories and emotions associated with each song on this EP, hard to put it into words.

DOWNLOAD: Atlas Sound - Weekend EP

(Edit: link fixed)


  1. the download link is just to the image

  2. I'll second you on this one man. It's definitely one of my favourite Atlas Sound releases, and the emotional attachments are there for me too. Wowzer. Excellent blog by the way!