Friday, January 22, 2010

Actual Water - Double Negatives (2008)

I've only been living in Toronto since the beginning of last November and only have had the opportunity to make it out to a handful of local shows, so there are still a bunch of specific bands I'm fiending to see. I mostly stay in my apartment listening to or recording music and making enough vegetable stirfry to fell an ox. One band in particular I've been really digging is Actual Water, a ?-piece garage punk band that takes a sexy amount of influence from the propulsive motorik-laden psychrock bands of 1970s Germany and post-punk bands from the same era like the Fall, Swell Maps, etc... but yeah, this album fucking rocks. The further you get into it, the more you see how far their influences actually reach. The instrumental / ambient break right in the middle comes as a welcome and unexpected surprise. Makes me think of Cryptograms-era Deerhunter.

DOWNLOAD: Actual Water - Double Negatives


  1. you should look up the band Moonstone Continuum from Minnesota. They're more or less the second cumming of Christ.

  2. thanks for the recommendation, I'll check them out :O

  3. pretty good show, jeff the brotherhood + local bands. hope this link works for ya! :