Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Red Rogue - Phoenicia (2015)

Some of you might recall when I wrote up the very talented Tim Cushing back in the summer. And boy howdy does his album hold up over time, still think it is a gem. However, what is even better than getting to hear a folk musician you think is wildly great? Perhaps it's getting to hear him playing with his college buddies as his backing band in a reunion in a wooden cottage in upstate New York. Luck for us all that is exactly what the Red Rogue happens to be.

Phoenicia is folk and like most folk isn't too complex. It shouldn't be, for overly complex folk ceases to be folk and becomes something else. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean there's not a lot going on. There's accordion, drums, mandolin, clarinet, and guitar of the bass, electric and acoustic varieties featured on this album yet they do a splendid job a blending their sounds into ultimately cohesive and charming songs. I recommend listening to the album in order, as it made it all the more beautiful for me. This way you're ears will have acquired the correct folksy palate and get the very most out of the final tracks, "Eveline" and "I Went Looking." They're excellent examples of the different and capability of noisy, loud folk compared to stripped down folk tunes. A pleasure to hear and hopefully not the last they put out.

To be had here:
The Red Rogue - Phoenicia

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