Saturday, February 21, 2015

SODA lite - Slice of Life (2015)

Vaporwave is a genre/concept I am very much still wrapping my mind around. This isn't the first time I've had this sort of music on the blog, in fact I have had it on here long before I knew what it was all about. In fact, I don't think there's is, nor truly could be, a unifying artistic message in vaporwave. What is shared by musicians producing it is a knowledge of new age easy-listening radio songs, electronic dance music and nostalgia-provoked styles like chillwave/glo-fi. However, this can be a pastiche, a parody or some creative admixture of both these notions.

The Melbourne-based musician using the moniker of SODA lite surely has his own opinions on what he's trying to say with this album, but this blog is about my conjecturing ultimately. Firstly, no matter what intentions were involved, I genuinely think these tunes are pretty fucking sweet. Slice of Life bears many similarities to albums I've written up before such as Candy Claws, Beat Connection's Surf Noir EP, even Monster Rally. Ephemeral electronic music with usual beats and sounds culled from what to seems to be the listener's own hazy memories. It is genius really and it provides that feeling I get when reading the first chapters of a book by a great writer. The turf is often familiar but all the details are distorted and the insights skewed. What makes SODA lite different is the context it has pulled its inspiration, namely that new age and easy-listening yuppie sort of music I mentioned at the top of this write-up. Yet by picking it apart and reconstituting it SODA lite as given it an enticing significance that new age shit always lacked for me. 

To be had here:
SODA lite - Slice of Life

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