Monday, February 16, 2015

Generacion Suicida - Todo Termina 12" (2015)

Took a couple of days off there, but I'm coming back with a noisy vengeance. You may recall the blog Teenage Lobotomy and the label that its Croatian writer began, Doomtown Records. If not you should double back and check out most righteous releases Divided Minds and Modern Delusion, which I've already written up. Today, we've got one of the newest releases from the burgeoning label, Generacion Suicida.

In what appears to be Doomtown's preferred style Generacion Suicida is an outfit that makes very loud, fast punk rock. This isn't to imply that the music of all the bands are the same, but they share the attributes of lo-fi punk. In fact Generacion Suicida is quite different from either of the releases from the label I've previously mentioned. Most obviously that the songs are sung excitedly in Spanish. Even went so far as to call it Latino punk. And the songs are everything you'd hope for from such a descriptor. Todo Termina doesn't have a dull moment, hardly even a second to take a breath. Moreover, it is incredibly well executed music, far from merely a sloppy mess. They clearly know their way around their instruments and any fuzz, distortion and otherwise is a purposeful effort. Punk rock from L.A., sung completely in Spanish, issued by a Zagreb-based indie label. Oh, and Spain's Trabuc Records and France's Symphony of Destruction Records. Can't say nothing good came from globalization. 

To be had here:
Generacion Suicida - Todo Termina 12"

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